Mac OS X and Wine troubles

Vincent Béron vberon at
Sat Apr 26 16:24:39 CDT 2003

Le sam 26/04/2003 à 16:16, Pierre d'Herbemont a écrit :
> Hi,
> First of all I have a good news :) : Wine is able to build on Mac OS X.
> We decided not to follow WineHQ cvs version for early build, in order 
> not to be so much disturbed by others wine development and not to 
> produce bad patches, but don't worry ;) we are (of course!) planing to 
> send patches, I hope they would be integrated...
> I had never use Wine before so sorry for the basic questions.
> I ran wineinstall, everything goes well until wineinstall attempts to 
> launch regedit. Wine goes wrong, it tells me :
> Warning: no valid DOS drive found, check your configuration file.
> Warning: could not find wine config [Drive x] entry for current working 
> directory /Users/steg/Documents/Programmation/wine; starting in windows 
> directory.
> /Users/steg/Documents/Programmation/wine/miscemu/wine: cannot find 
> './programs/regedit/'

Does MacOSX sets $HOME and/or $PWD?

Also, from when's your base CVS version? Alexandre commited a patch of
mine related to exactly this a few days ago.

> For me the problem comes from somewhere in the reading of the file 
> ~/.wine/config, which exists and is parsed, but maybe I missed 
> something in wine configuration (like a register file or something)? 
> Could someone tell we wether I am wrong or not?

Actually, durin wineinstall, ~/.wine/config is not used. A temporary
config file is created instead.

> Secondly I manage to copy a windows folder to the root '/' of my disk, 
> so I can launch an app with the command "wine notepad.exe".

You may have problems with this as Wine is not a CPU emulator, so it
won't know what to do with the binary code in notepad.exe.

> I added a 
> basic Mach-O (Mac OS X binary file format) compatibility to libwine in 
> order the file type to be recognized. But now I am getting error like:
> wine: could not load 'C:\windows\regedit.exe': dlcompat: dyld: wine 
> Undefined symbols:
> _FormatMessageA
> _RegCloseKey
> _RegCreateKeyExA
> _RegDeleteKeyA
> _RegEnumKeyExA
> _RegEnumValueA
> _RegOpenKeyA
> _RegQueryInfoKeyA
> _RegSetValueExA
> I suppose that the problem comes from the fact that the dlls are not 
> loaded before the notepad.exe, assuming that the problem is still 
> related with the ~/.wine/config reading. Do I suppose right?

Have you installed the Wine libs (dlls) so that wine (or the dynamic
linker) knows where to find them?


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