WINE flag

Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at
Wed Apr 30 15:08:33 CDT 2003

KK singh wrote:

>I have a win32 application that plays some hashing
>tricks with HWND while running on win98 and uses the
>fact that on win98 HWND is always 16bit. 
>This application is crashing on wine configured as
>win98 because HWND is something bigger than 16bit on
>Now Can I Check from inside my application code,
>whether the application is running on linux or win98
>If yes then I might be able to avoid those hashing
>tricks and solve the crash
I think the last time the subject came up, the consensus was that the 
existance of HKLM/Programs/Wine is the best way to check whether you are 
running on Wine.

A different matter (and one which I am not qualified to attest to) is 
whether it is smart for wine to be 100% win98 compatible in that regard, 
and whether it is smart on your program's side to do those tricks.

Hope this helps.


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