[dx73b] Try2: Performance of texture states

Marcelo Duarte wine-devel at bol.com.br
Sat Aug 2 23:18:11 CDT 2003

You forget the patch ;)

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Subject: [dx73b] Try2: Performance of texture states

> (Try#2 - Also fixes Operation Flashpoint problem which was introduced)
> This is the first patch which looks at the performance of changing the
> textures on a texture unit. As was pointed out to me by Lucho, certain
> information is per texture unit and hence not affected when a different
> texture object is bound. This patch on my machine changes the displayed
> fps by the Billboard sample from 30.6 to about 42.6. [Actually it was
> 43.0
> with patch b, but I dont see why!]
> There is still more optimization which can be done here, but this is a
> start.
> Let me know if anyone notices any regressions with this one.
> Changelog
> Only reapply the texture states necessary when a different texture gets
> bound to the same texture unit.
> Jason

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