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David Miller compsol at
Sun Aug 3 02:38:20 CDT 2003

Recently I spent some time on this again and would like anyone interested in the database to take a look and email me comments.  (What's good, how it can be better, and what features could be there, but aren't)  Currently the web interface consists of a few forms which do the following:

1.  Compare imports or exports between two windows versions.  This will output all APIs imported or exported by a dll you specify along with which version exports that API.  Example: you specify wine and windows95 as windows versions.  Each API will say it is exported by wine only, win95 only, or both.  It is color coded in the hope of making it slightly more readable.

2.  Perform general queries.  This just does SQL queries based on the criteria you specify.  You can query by any or all fields.

3.  Find unimplemented APIs for a given program.  This locates all APIs imported by a specified application and outputs the ones which are unimplemented or stubs in wine.  This is broken down by dll which the app tries to import from.  Red APIs are not in wine spec files while blue APIs are listed as stubs in the spec files.  There are only a couple of apps listed right now.  Leave the application field empty for a complete list.  I intend to make the output hyperlinks which will query for all apps importing that specific API.  Maybe that will help find test cases when tracking down a bug.

The forms are currently at  Unfortunately I can't keep this as a permanent location.  The PC is just too slow and the scripts really hog CPU.  They do lots of SQL queries.  :)
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