partial implementation of msi.dll

Mike McCormack mike at
Thu Aug 7 00:30:01 CDT 2003

Gregory M. Turner wrote:

> Hmm, that pure parser business... is that for reentrancy?  Or is that a 
> side-effect of some larger "pureness"?
> If they aren't portably generated, just do it ahead of time -- betcha AJ will 
> have no problem checking in some pre-generated stuff so long as the sources 
> to regenerate them are available to those who have the right tools.

The pureness is about reentrancy, though it maybe necessary so that two 
parsers don't have conflicting global variable names.  I also thought 
about pre-generated parser code... that's probably a good idea if 
Alexandre agrees.

>>2) make the database read/write - not immediately important, but
>>necessary later
> does MSI do that?  I thought that was done by some funky tool... or does it 
> use msi.dll to do the work?

There's some tools you can download from MSDN, however MSI.DLL does all 
the work of reading and writing the database.

>>I don't have lots of time to work on this at the moment, so if somebody
>>wants to have a go, I'm happy to help them out.
> well considering I'm the only recipient of this, would I be the "somebody" you 
> have in mind? ;)  (just kidding of course ... as for me, my plate is pretty 
> full right now, but I will of course take a look at it when I get the chance 
> and see if there's anything I can do to help.  Since I need to brush up on my 
> parsing skills if I ever want to help Ove with widl, maybe I can find 
> something to do in that arena.)

It's probably better that somebody who's looking for stuff to do does 
it, seeing you've got other stuff to do.  I might do some work on it 
periodically, but it seems like it might be a fun project for somebody 
to take up.


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