dlopen libncurses.so in wineconsole

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at wanadoo.fr
Tue Aug 12 14:21:12 CDT 2003

Mike McCormack wrote:
> This patch doesn't include changes to configure. Run autoconf to 
> regenerate it...

several comments to this needed patch:

1/ in configure.ac
why not checking also for curses if ncurses isn't present ?
BTW, you can also remove the ncurses library lookup in configure.ac, we 
no longer need it.

2/ in curses.c
some of the functions we use in curses.c can in fact be macros in some 
curses' implementations. According to my doc, this includes initscr, 
intrflush, nodelay, noecho.
So, you could pass LOAD_FUNCPTR a boolean not to fail if the symbol is 
not found (for those functions), and not #define initscr to p_initscr if 
initscr is already #define:d

> +    if( !WCCURSES_bind_libcurses() )
> +        return FALSE;
you'd better return init_failed from the enum instead of a boolean here


Eric Pouech

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