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Wed Aug 13 10:31:22 CDT 2003

Vincent Béron wrote:

>Le mer 13/08/2003 à 01:40, Shachar Shemesh a écrit :
>>Windows 2003 Standard Edition (let me know if you want another edition):
>>Majour Version: 5
>>Minor Version: 2
>>Build Number: 3790
>>Platform ID: 2
>>CSDVersion empty (NULLs)
>>ServicePackMajor: 0
>>ServicePackMinor: 0
>>Reserved: 272, 3
>Thanks Shachar, but there's still something I'm not sure about.
>After ServicePackMinor, our winbase.h defines the following fields:
>WORD wSuiteMask
>BYTE wProductType
>BYTE wReserved
>I suppose your winbase.h only had two WORD wReserved(1,2)?
>If that's the case, wSuiteMask maps to 272
>VER_NT_SERVER. That would be our first version advertised as
>VER_NT_SERVER. Is there a workstation version of 2K3, as earlier NT
>versions were always defined as that in Wine?
Windows 2003 comes in three flavours, apparently. Web edition, Standard 
Edition and Enterprise Edition. All three are considered "Windows 2003 
Server". There is no "Windows 2003 Pro", "Home", "Workstation" or 
whatever. In that respect, yes, it does make sense.

The headers I was using are the standard ones that come with Visual 
Studio 6 SP5. If the struct is supposed to have extra parameters, I have 
not seen them (I used the debugger's ability to spread a struct's 
content - I'm lazy that way). If there is some source you want to send 
me to run, please let me know.

I tested everything on Windows 2003 server standard edition. I can 
install the web or the enterprise editions, but I'm afraid the setup 
took over an hour for this one, and I actually need it for some testing. 
If it's really crucial to you, I'll try to install it on a virtual 
machine (will probably be faster than my PII 233 160MB machine that 
installed this version).


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