Vincent Béron vberon at
Wed Aug 13 11:20:11 CDT 2003

Le mer 13/08/2003 à 11:31, Shachar Shemesh a écrit :
> Windows 2003 comes in three flavours, apparently. Web edition, Standard 
> Edition and Enterprise Edition. All three are considered "Windows 2003 
> Server". There is no "Windows 2003 Pro", "Home", "Workstation" or 
> whatever. In that respect, yes, it does make sense.
> The headers I was using are the standard ones that come with Visual 
> Studio 6 SP5. If the struct is supposed to have extra parameters, I have 
> not seen them (I used the debugger's ability to spread a struct's 
> content - I'm lazy that way). If there is some source you want to send 
> me to run, please let me know.

No, thanks for the rundown. The patch I sent to wine-patches is correct

> I tested everything on Windows 2003 server standard edition. I can 
> install the web or the enterprise editions, but I'm afraid the setup 
> took over an hour for this one, and I actually need it for some testing. 
> If it's really crucial to you, I'll try to install it on a virtual 
> machine (will probably be faster than my PII 233 160MB machine that 
> installed this version).

No need to install the other editions for me. Although the question can
be asked: which edition do we want Wine to return?


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