export variables in dlls

Dimitrie O. Paun dimi at intelliware.ca
Mon Aug 18 17:36:53 CDT 2003

On 18 Aug 2003, Martin Wilck wrote:

> I am not sure what manipulations you're talking about; 

Look at winegcc.c. If we do that one in C, it just makes sense
to do winewrap in C as well. Plus it's more extensible for the
future, me thinks.

> AFAICS the hard
> stuff is done by winebuild anyway. What I don't like about C in this
> case is that all the low-level stuff (realloc() and friends) makes the
> code hard to read and prone to buffer overflows and the like.

There is a patch pending which removes most of that. Not a biggy, really.

> Yeah, the wine guys like low-level coding :-)
> Perhaps I'll contribute a bash version of winewrap soon, just for fun.

Try doing winegcc in standard sh, I doubt you'll get any shorter/cleaner
code. Not to mention a bit slower :)


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