Work on building comctl32 with MS_VC and MS_VC headers

Martin Fuchs martin-fuchs at
Fri Aug 22 02:58:51 CDT 2003

On 22.08.2003 09:55:00 Martin Fuchs wrote:
Steven Edwards wrote:

> I have made a log of my attempts to fix comctl32.dll with the MS_VC 
> headers but I am going to have to call it a day. If
> anyone has time and a copy of MS_VC can you take a look and tell me 
> whats going on?
> The log of my progress is here:
> It may just be something as simple as WINE having most of the headers 
> included in the wrong order or included
> in places where they shouldnt be such as stdarg in winbase.h and a lack 

How do you compile Wine dlls with MSVC? Did you write makefiles by hand, or just imported the files into a workspace (*.dsp/dsw)? I expect, the configure script will not work for this.


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