Work on building comctl32 with MS_VC and MS_VC headers

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at
Fri Aug 22 15:13:27 CDT 2003

--- Martin Fuchs <martin-fuchs at> wrote:
> How do you compile Wine dlls with MSVC? Did you write makefiles by hand, or just imported the
> files into a workspace (*.dsp/dsw)? I expect, the configure script will not work for this.
You need to run ./tools/msvcmaker from the root of the WINE directory on a linux box. This will
create most of the dsp/dsw file. Beware it needs to be updated to fix changes in WINE and the perl
script doesn not work under Cygwin, MSYS or Active perl so you have to do this from a Linux box.
Once that is done you can remove headers from wine/include so it will default to using the system


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