Console regression?

wine at wine at
Sun Aug 24 01:06:06 CDT 2003

Since updating to today's CVS, I am no longer able to run Trainz, the app I am
currently working on developing sound support for.  I get some traces pointing
to an apparent problem with console handles.  Here's a snippet of the trace
(please excuse me, but I can't post the whole thing easily as my dev box isn't
the one that I have mail on and they don't speak to each other -- i.e. the
traces are being copied by hand....)

000a: get_console_input_info( handle=(nil) )
000a: get_console_input_info() = INVALID_PARAMETER { history_mode=0, [... Ed.]
000a:trace:seh:EXC_RtlRaiseException code=c000013a flags=0 addr=0x402b8a92
[Exception details and app going down in flames omitted for brevity - Ed.]

Taking a look at the code for get_console_input_info() in server/console.c,
it appears that the variable 'console' is not set and that (my guess here)
this line in console_input_get()

if (!console && !geterror()) set_error(STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER);

is directly responsible for the error.  Now, as to what the real issue
is here, I have absolutely no clue since I know zilch about the wine server
code.  But perhaps someone who does can work with me on trying to figure
out what is going wrong here.

FWIW, my app worked fine prior to the following CVS commit:


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