Wine 0.9 progress

Dimitrie O. Paun dimi at
Mon Aug 25 12:51:33 CDT 2003

On 25 Aug 2003, Mike Hearn wrote:

> * A bit of documentation stuff (rather worryingly "fix the docs build
> system" says a patch was submitted last *year*, but is still labelled as
> work in progress!).

As we discussed during the IRC session, this is not a blocker.
Essentially I need to get back to it and resubmit some patches
that have fallen off Jeremy's radar.

> * Configuration, ie winecfg and an auto setup wizard thingy. John K Hohm
> has been making great progress lately with making DLLs self register,
> but unfortunately nobody has really stepped up to work on winecfg. We
> may or may not get the patches from Mark it seems :|

Yes, this one is a bugger. Mark, what is that status on those
patches? If you have anything, it's better to send them in so
others can pick up where you guys left off.
> There are a few other things, like DLL separation, and completing the
> work to make DLLs self register.

This is critical, IIRC. John just submitted some more patches, but
I have no idea how much work there's left. John, can you give us a
status update on the DLLs self register task?

> Is there anything else we might need? I'm tempted to say that having
> InstallShield work is a priority, as it seems to have broken quite a bit
> lately. 

IIRC, Alexandre also wanted InstallShield to work properly for 0.9.
> On the TODO list it says that some window management hacks exist but
> more debugging work is needed - does anybody know the status of that? A
> lot of InstallShield installers at the moment fail due to that X11
> ConfigureWindow error - how hard is this to fix?

That's Alexandre's turf -- anything new in that area?

> Having a wine.inf to set up a new installation, does anybody have
> details on that? Is this just a case of eating our own dogfood, or is it
> really a must have for 0.9?

I guess a bit of both. I'm not sure it's a blocker for 0.9, but if
we have the self register stuff in place + the configuration cleanup,
we might as well do it, and have a more modular installation...


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