Where to put static libs?

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at wanadoo.fr
Wed Aug 27 13:43:09 CDT 2003

Juan Lang wrote:
> Any advice on where to put code that needs to be
> shared by multiple dlls?  I'm tweaking the SMB code
> right now, and I'd like to reuse it in netapi32 (to
> implement some of the Net functions) as in kernel32
> (for CreateFile and CreateNamedPipe).
> I'm thinking a new directory in libs (libs/smb).  Any
> better ideas?
first of all, most code dealing with file/pipe opening will be moved 
from kernel32 to ntdll (at least the core)
moreover, the SMB code (currently) is more a proof of concept than a 
full implementation of SMB (using SAMBA if possible would of course be 
the internal NTDLL interfaces for handling file systems are likely to 
evolve very shortly
I also assume that you're referring (parly) to NetBios resolution
if so, then copying the code might not be a wrong answer for now
if not, please explain what you want to do in more details


Eric Pouech

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