Wine 0.9 progress

Dimitrie O. Paun dimi at
Fri Aug 29 09:48:37 CDT 2003

On 29 Aug 2003, Jeremy Newman wrote:

> >   -- Jeremy, are you OK with setting up a simple database for
> >      this stuff? If so, we need to figure out a schema.
> Mysql is already on the machine, so that is fine. My concern is DB bloat
> over time. Will this DB get out of control or will it remain a fixed
> size?

I will grow, as new tests are added to the database. We can have a monthly
cleanup task to get rid of old tests (and maybe remember some fun stats
while we're at it).

> >   -- We need to run the generator either from time to time,
> >      or when the DB gets updated. Any preference?
> Cron, or during the monthly build. Monthly build is preferred IMO. I'm
> jumpy about giving out any further shell access to the box.

There's no need for shell access -- we just need to trigger the scrip.
Doing it once per month is a bit too seldom. We can run the script
every day, and make it smart to not do anything if the DB has not been
updated. This is easy to do.

> >   -- Once you have the .template, what does it need to happen
> >      to have it appear on WineHQ?
> Just needs to be in the templates/en dir somewhere, it can be another
> level deep as well. I can provide the full path to whoever writes this
> script.

Perfect. As long as we don't have to put it in CVS, things are simple.
The best would be for the script to just output to stdout, and you
redirect that where you need to when you install it.


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