[winecfg 1.1] Implement saveConfigValue(), style changes, code cleanup, UI alignment

Dustin Navea speeddymon at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 31 10:28:31 CDT 2003

--- Francois Gouget <fgouget at free.fr> wrote:
> On Fri, 29 Aug 2003, Dustin Navea wrote:
> [...]
> > Not sure how possible this is or if it has already been thought of just
> let
> > me know, but what about loading the config into memory and having wine
> make
> > it look like the registry while loaded (ie for windows regedit).
> I believe Wine already does somethin like this, but maybe not.
> [...]
> > wine can do
> > the processing of both the registry and the config, and then when it is
> time
> > to save the changes done in regedit, wine sorts it out between what needs
> to
> > be written to the actual registry and what needs to be written to the
> config
> > file.
> But in any case, this is where you hit problems. When loading the
> registry or the configuration, Wine simply ignores the comments.  And
> when saving the changes Wine rewrites the registry file from scratch. If
> we do the same for the configuration file it means we loose all the
> comments, making it pointless to put them in in the first place...

hmm, I thought that that was why we have the saveonlyupdatedkeys option was
to have it only write the keys whose values had changed..  I guess I was
mistaken then.  How come we rewrite the entire registry, and not just the
new/changed data?  It seems to me like that would be a CPU cycle killer when
it comes to writing that sort of stuff, if the registry is any more than like
(i guess?) 10 megs

> Of course we could have a special case for the configuration file so
> that we keep the comments in memory, maybe also keep the file layout and
> then merge the changes when we save. But that means using a different
> codebase for the settings and for the registry which I believe is the
> opposite of what we want to do by moving the settings to the registry.

What if it were to read the comments into a/some comments variable/s and then
treat the config file as part of the registry? Or would that still be too
much of a different codebase?

Dustin Navea

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