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Uwe Bonnes bon at
Thu Dec 4 13:40:32 CST 2003

>>>>> "Andreas" == Andreas Rosenberg <sonix2003 at> writes:

    Andreas> Hi!  I'm new to this list. The company I'm working for, is
    Andreas> developing software for Windows and as a personal Linux fan I
    Andreas> was testing our software with Wine from time to time. The last
    Andreas> tries (several month ago) were still pretting bad, but with the
    Andreas> Wine from Suse 9.0 (snapshot from August 2003) there were only
    Andreas> "trivial" errors (mostly conformance) which we were able to
    Andreas> circumwent in our software. I tracked all problems and reported
    Andreas> them als bugs: (1844, 1845, 1847, 1848) together with a patch
    Andreas> for two of them.

    Andreas> b.t.w I'm using a different eMail account with this mailing
    Andreas> list as with the Wine Bugzilla.

    Andreas> We have a customer, who already asked for a version of our
    Andreas> software being able to run on Linux.  What's seems to be a big
    Andreas> problem, is the InstallShield Setup Engine we are using (like
    Andreas> many others).  A played around with it and it crashed in
    Andreas> different ways. I looked into the bug list and found the rather
    Andreas> old "meta bug" #170.  Unfortunately the link inside is broken.

    Andreas> Perhaps we can contribute in making the InstallShield Setup
    Andreas> Engine work. Has anybody tracked what's causing the problem? I
    Andreas> read about "global window handles", but this didn't gave me the
    Andreas> right clue. Is it related with the API call FindWindow? Is the
    Andreas> IS Setup Engine using multiple processes and trying to
    Andreas> communicate via window messages or DDE?

    Andreas> If anybody could point me in the right direction, this would be
    Andreas> great.  Otherwise it would be a waste of resources to
    Andreas> debug/search stuff others already did.

IS6 is supposed to work, also with a lot of warnings and visual glitches. Be
sure you have the needed values in the wine registry. Look at
winedefaults.reg. Also using native Ole/com related dlls may help, but is
not an option in your case.

Please resend you patch to wine-patches at Perhaps state also
the license, e.g. if your patches may be reused in wineX.

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