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Boaz Harrosh boaz at
Wed Dec 31 02:33:53 CST 2003

OK lets start with an oldy Just to see if I get the tools right:

    see attachment

should I embed or attach?

some explanations:
    The original Idea was proposed by Ove Kaaven (see  
__declspec(selectany) thread in wine-devel)
The original Idea did not go so well because in lots of places these 
__declspecs would be again #defined by code and that #define 3-level 
indirection would confuse the compiler. Also this way one can see what 
is supported and what is not. I am afraid that I only checked that code 
compiles but did not write test cases where these constructs are 
usefully. (Also pretty_com.h & uuidof.h will come soon)

    the above and other patches I will submit later are all, let's call 
them: Microsoft Extensions to the C/C++ compiler. they are currently 
scattered in a few headers here and also in msvcrt. (like wchar_t).
I think WINE headers should, presuppose, and stay clean of  "Microsoft 
Extensions" functionality and stay close to MS-headers as possible. All 
"Microsoft Extensions" should go into a special header and be included 
where needed like here. (windef.h)

What do people think? should I go and collect all extensions to one 
header and remove them from where they currently are?
This is also good for when one would need to compile with a compiler 
other than gcc.

Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:

>On December 29, 2003 01:36 am, Boaz Harrosh wrote:
>>    I have successfully Beta released a WinLib port of a, 1 million
>>lines of code, windows program. QA will Install a first Linux Machine
>>and will start to bang on it tomorrow. (Well more like an advanced Alfa
>>I guess)
>Congratulations indeed!
>>Tomorrow I will start synchronization with wine current tree. Once I
>>have it synced (2 days max). I will need someone to help me and guide me
>>on how to send it all in. Dimi, will that be you?
>Sure, why not. The best way I think is to post them to wine-patches
>(if you're fairly sure about the patches), and people will comment.
>If you are unsure, post to wine-devel first, we'll refine the patches
>there before they go to wine-patches.
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? windef.diff
? wine.kdevelop
Index: include/windef.h
RCS file: /home/wine/wine/include/windef.h,v
retrieving revision 1.89
diff -u -r1.89 windef.h
--- include/windef.h	24 Sep 2003 05:26:00 -0000	1.89
+++ include/windef.h	31 Dec 2003 08:04:32 -0000
@@ -113,14 +113,44 @@
 #define FAR         __ONLY_IN_WINELIB()
 #ifndef _MSC_VER
+// works well. Some times the exact placing veries with in the statment
+#define __declspec_selectany __attribute__((weak))
+// ignored by GCC and is warned (supported by MinGW)
+#define __declspec_dllexport __attribute__((dllexport))
+// ignored by GCC and is warned (supported by MinGW)
+#define __declspec_dllimport __attribute__((dllimport))
+// works
+#define __declspec_noreturn  __attribute__ ((noreturn))
+// works
+#define __declspec_nothrow   __attribute__ ((nothrow))
+// works ??
+#define __declspec_naked     __attribute__ ((naked))
+// GCC is more restrictive about placing. look for TLS in gcc & msdn documentation
+#define __declspec_thread    __thread
+// no paralle defined to nothing
+#define __declspec_novtable
+// Gcc only suports code ??
+#define __declspec_allocate(segname) __attribute__ (( section(segname) ))
+// property is supported thrugh the file pretty_com.h
+// property( get=get_func_name|, put=put_func_name )
+// _declspec( uuid() )  and __uuidof are supported with code changes
+// see uuidof.h
+#define __declspec_uuid(ComObjectGUID) error_SEE__uuidof_h__for_use_of_uuid
 # ifndef _declspec
-#  define _declspec(x)    __ONLY_IN_WINELIB()
+#  define  _declspec(x)   __declspec_##x
 # endif
 # ifndef __declspec
-#  define __declspec(x)   __ONLY_IN_WINELIB()
+#  define __declspec(x)   __declspec_##x
 # endif
+#endif //_MSC_VER
 #define CALLBACK    __stdcall
 #define WINAPI      __stdcall

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