TaxCut and C++ exception handling

Tony Lambregts tony_lambregts at
Sun Feb 16 12:48:06 CST 2003

Ori Pessach wrote:

> Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:
>> You are missing the eventual goal of the Wine project: to have a 
>> Win32 layer
>> for *nix with a completely microsoft free code base.
> No - I get the goal of the project. What I'm not clear about is where 
> to draw the line between system components and application components. 
> Is msvcrt.dll shipped with Windows, or with Windows applications? 

Both. It is not uncommon for an application to supply its own version of 
this DLL.  However we need to make sure that the built in version works 
as well as the one supplied by Microsoft.

> Eric Pouech wrote:
> > Moreover, latest EULA states that redistribution must occur on Windows
> > based OSes, so it might not be legal on Wine/*nix combo
> I'm not sure they can impose that restriction, now that they were find 
> to be a monopoly. If they could do that, they could just restrict the 
> distribution of anything you need to distribute with a Windows app to 
> make it work, installer components, for example 

That, I suppose is up to the lawyers. Regardless of legalities we need to implement it in order for winelib applications to work.


Tony Lambregts

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