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Marcus Meissner mm at
Tue Feb 18 07:26:40 CST 2003

> "First, windres supports any conversions between .rc, .res, .o 
> files, whereas wrc supports only .rc -> .res. It would be 
> interesting (from the Winelib point of view) to also support 
> .rc and .res -> .o. The other transformations supported by 
> windres (.o -> .res -> .rc) are not as interesting, as they 
> are not used in the build process. " 
> from: 
> I would like to know if you still plan this. I mean do you plan to use 
> wrc instead of windres? 

Hmm, as of now we use the "winebuild" tool to convert the .res files
into the C structure bytecode, so we have the .res -> .o in
a fashion.

Ciao, Marcus

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