argv[0] needs to be an absolute path

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at
Thu Jan 2 09:02:41 CST 2003

What do you mean by "sometimes" ?

> outputs an absolute path on Windows, but sometimes
> outputs a relative path on Wine.  This causes the
> commandline
>    $ wine d:setup
> to fail to find its files properly if it uses the
> basename of argv[0].  One example of this is msvc4.0
> (although it only tries this if an earlier method fails,
> so there's another bug lurking).
> I am about to submit a one-line patch to fix this to
> wine-patches.  (If I weren't a wimp, I'd figure out
> a way to submit a regression test, too, although
> it'd be a strange one; most of our tests don't need
> to invoke Wine itself from the Unix commandline!)
> The same problem exists for programs launched from other
> wine programs, e.g. from inside wcmd.
> That's another code path, and I couldn't find a
> one-line fix for that one.
> - Dan
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