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 --- tom potts <madtom1999 at> a écrit : 
> Sylvain 
> I cant get on the list from home but I tried copying
> mscoree.dll and sharpdevelop got as far as asking for
> some registry settings to be set!!
lol :) that was an evidence ! otherwise microsoft wouldn't give a 20 Mb
file to download.

> I tried installing the redistributable but I need
> IE5.01 or higher and the M$ download fails under wine!
> I beleive I have a CD install at work so I'll try that
> on monday and then try installing .Net again.
shouldnt fail... check the wine-users archive. many work has 
been done to make this possible.
if this really fails, make a bygreport on wine-users and set these
entries. this will
an ie6 installed.

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer]

> All I want is a good IDE for .NET/Mono on Linux and
> then I can help to get Mono up and running....
> Tom
understood ;) does mono  already run .NET ?

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