Launch a unix process from wcmd?

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at
Sat Jan 18 09:24:24 CST 2003

the real cmd.exe has, and supports many more options in win2k version.
the builtins commands have been expanded, like the "for".

 --- Greg Turner <gmturner007 at> a écrit : > 
> I am trying write scripts to mangle the output of MIDL.  After MIDL 
> runs, I need to do a tiny amount of post-processing using UNIX apps 
> (convert from CRLF, for starters).
> So, I have batch file that I run under wine to invoke MIDL and get
> the 
> output I want; My question is: is there some way I can invoke my unix
> shell script from my .bat file in wine under wcmd?
> If not, perhaps we should squeeze this functionality into Dan's 
> start.exe implementation?  How would you feel about this, Dan?
> Alternatively, if I could invoke my .bat file from the UNIX 
> command-line, this would be just as good... but so far, the only way
> I 
> have found is to run "wcmd" and type.  Does wcmd have some equivalent
> to bash's "-c" command-line argument?  Surely real cmd.exe has some 
> such feature?
> Thanks,

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