Word in Hebrew and Wine

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at baikal.ru
Thu Jul 3 03:02:16 CDT 2003

"Shachar Shemesh" <wine-devel at shemesh.biz> wrote:

> I have been itching to do an overhaul of the Wine keyboard handling for 
> some time. I think the current scheme is overly complicated, and causes 
> problems. This is a major task, but I may be able to recrute some local 
> help. I am a bit worried, however, about the fact that some other people 
> may also working on a similar task at the moment. I know Dmitry said in 
> the past he is rennovating the keyboard a little, and I know codeweavers 
> still hold a patch that will allow UTF-8 input locale to work.

Actually Alexandre didn't like that patch, and I reworked it and sent to
wine-patches as "Add support for CP_UNIXCP". If you could try it and
report whether it allows you to type with UTF-8 locale, it would be nice.

Once this patch is commited, all the base for keyboard layout support
should be in place, and implementing kbd layout APIs should be a
straightforward enough task.

Regarding the current implementation, I don't think that it's over
complicated. We have to cope with different virtual key code layouts
and should make an attempt to detect current X keyboard layout in order
to assign correct keyboard map, and report correct VK_xxx key events.
The CP_UNIXCP patch simplifies a bit current scheme by removing
the codepage field from layout tables, which should avoid converting
X key events to unicode using wrong code page, and therefore make
it possible to make international keyboard input work even if we have
made a mistake while detecting an X keyboard layout.

What exactly part of it you see could be simplified, and how?


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