Relocate error

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Tue Jul 15 02:07:35 CDT 2003

"Fabian Cenedese" <Cenedese at> wrote:

> >Check out which executable is in the offending region (my guess is it's wine 
> >itself, but it may also be some shared libraries).
> Then I guess it's not possible as wine can't relocate itself...

Probably it's another case of some kind of the "security" kernel patch
which marks the area starting from 0x40000000 as a "not executable stack"
and doesn't allow Wine to mmap it.

> I don't think I link without relocation records, but I couldn't find that setting
> anyway. Where in VC6 would I have to change this? I can only see the
> base address, so I thought it's always relocatable. As there was never a
> problem in Windows I didn't think much about it. I only made sure that the
> exe and the needed dlls are all on different addresses so in case of a crash
> I know where it happened.

.exe's produced by the MS linker are not relocateable by default. In order
to make them relocateable you can either add '/fixed:no' to the linker
command line, or add the string '#pragma comment(linker, "/fixed:no")'
to one of your sources.


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