msdos/int21 CREAT special cases

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at
Mon Jun 2 14:31:28 CDT 2003

Ferenc Wagner wrote:
> Pouech Eric DMI AEI CAEN <pouech-eric at> writes:
>>please stop using krnl386.exe export when possible
>>(especially for dos emulation which is going out of
>>kernel32/krnl386.exe combo). So, if CreateFile can do,
>>please use it (ditto for any other krnl386 file related
>>functions) this is needed for proper DLL separation
_lcreat16 (and al.) is in fact a 16 bit function, implemented in 
krnl386. so, normally it wouldn't be accessible from 32 bit DLLs (we can 
do it in some cases, but the least we do, the better it is).
So, if the same behavior (as _lcreat16) can be obtained with other 32 
bit APIs (like _lcreat or CreateFile), that'd be better. Beware, that 
_lcreat16 is different from _lcreat (search path order for example is 
not the same).



Eric Pouech

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