Add root drive mapping to default config file

Marcus Meissner meissner at
Tue Jun 3 05:46:26 CDT 2003

On Tue, Jun 03, 2003 at 12:33:49PM +0200, Lionel Ulmer wrote:
> > That would work too. But it's just a general pain in the ass even when
> > you know exactly what is going on anyway, it's not like Wine is already
> > too convenient to use or anything.
> No, but if they users get this error, it means that they did not configure
> Wine properly... So that we are only hiding the problem anyway.
> What makes you sure that they will have set a fake C drive properly or
> created the sub-directories and all that stuff ?

My RPMs have a Z drive mapped to /, marked as "network" drive. The network
drive mark usually make programs refrain from creating Z:\files.

I don't really see a problem, except a virus might go and scan
the whole UNIX system including NFS trees. But the risk is low, and benefits
are greater.

Ciao, Marcus

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