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Le Vendredi 06 Juin 2003 00:18, Ann and Jason Edmeades a écrit :
> Hi,
> I just wanted to apologize for the breaks caused by all the d3d8
> commits. The gl headers are a real nightmare, and whereas we would have
> caught the problems over time, instead we get them all in one go.

Well, i haven't fixed all in one pass (as seen by patch 49) ;(
i believe its better now with last one

> Just a question - What is the general feeling about us having our own gl
> headers. Our basic aim is to query support before using it, but we need
> to be able to compile in higher support than available on the build
> machine. I would initially see something as simple as a
> /include/wine/winegl.h, and we put all definitions in there (even if
> they would have come from glext, glx, glxext etc). To start with, it
> would only be used for d3d8 but probably ddraw support is easy.

well, better ;)
my goal is to detect and active all capabilities on runtime and never bother 
again about declared/defined caps from gl headers (gl,glext,glx).
For this we need an header where all defines and functions pointers are 
declared (as seen in d3dcore_gl.h)

> Comments?
> Jason

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