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Fri Jun 6 00:15:54 CDT 2003

Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:

>Actually, I think Toronto is a good place. It has a big airport,
>(which means most people can get direct flights) it is kinda in 
>the middle between West coast and Europe, it is cheap, clean, safe,
>and fun. You get to see the CN Tower, and Niagara falls is only 1.5h
>away. If you like to eat, there are excellent restaurants for any
>cuisine imaginable, which is always nice.
>The weather is not great in the winter, but falls are absolutely
>gorgeous (but short :)). We get nice weather in Sep, even Oct though.
>Something to consider...
Where's the fun in taking everything we say seriously?

I think Europe is the best compromise for people on most parts of the 
world. It has direct flights from almost everywhere (are there any New 
Zeland/Australia/Antartica Wine developers? I'm also not sure about 
South America).

On a side note - I'm not sure I will be able to afford a conference in 
the Americas.

The thing I was trying to say, however, is that with August approaching, 
if we want a conference around that time, someone had better start 
organizing it. I don't mind being that someone, but then you will get a 
conference in Tel Aviv. Personally, I think most Wine members should be 
more worried about the weather in Tel Aviv in August than about anything 
else (hot and humid. Not New York grade bad, but not very far either), 
but somehow I (sadly) suspect not many will arrive anyways. As such, 
maybe it's best if someone else organized it.

If people are REALLY worried about Tel Aviv, I can offer Jerusalem, 
where it isn't so humid (plus the city itself is beutiful, and you are 
only an 1.5h drive away from all those wonderful places you got to hear 
about in the news).


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