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Lionel Ulmer lionel.ulmer at
Fri Jun 6 15:39:23 CDT 2003

> original way to solve the problem, but as openGL1.2 is really a 
> few things you can redefine all openGL. (and i think it will be 
> better readable and workable than mixing GL_*_WINE and GL_*)

Well, we are already mixing GL_*_ARB, GL_*_EXT, GL_*_NV, ... Why not replace
all these extensions (which may or may not be defined in the header files)
by our own 'extension superset', called GL_*_WINE ?

> And if you do that (no more official gl.h include) you shouldn't 
> have anymore problem that you have used some GL_* only defined in 
> you official gl.h but not openGL1.2 compliant

Well, the problem with the approach you are using now in D3D8 is that you
are using the same name than the official one... And this could easily lead
to 'name clashes' with #define or typedef renaming.

So either we do everything ourselves or we go my way, but I do not think
your way is fixing all problems :-)

> Yes, you are right,
> but i prefer code readable :)

What is non-readable in what I propose ? You find _WINE so ugly ? You prefer
_ARB or _EXT ?

> so do it, i'll reuse it for d3d8 :)
> but do it for official OpenGL1.2 defines too (as i have commented 
> before)

Well, I already use 79 API calls in D3D7. And I did not count how many of
the GL enums, but surely more.

I think it would really be a pain to re-do all this ourselves. So if we go
the 'let's have our own extension files', at least take header files from an
'external vendor' (for example Mesa) and massage our code for it to work on
these headers.

At least if we have breakage, it will always be internal and never due to
external dependencies.

Or we could auto-generate these headers :-)

> well, i don't want to use the user installed gl.h (it can introduce
> breakage with "beautifuls" old specific headers), and i don't want to have
> all opengl headers into wine tree (wine don't need to install it adn we
> don't need all defines).

Can you tell me any breakage introduced by old gl.h ? If you tell me 'They
define extensions too !!!', this is not problem for my way as all extensions
would be redefined with the _WINE suffix :-)


		 Lionel Ulmer -

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