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Fri Jun 6 15:29:44 CDT 2003

>Well, I would only use 1.2 defines from the GL headers. All the 
>rest would be prefixed or suffixed by _WINE so no risk of 

original way to solve the problem, but as openGL1.2 is really a 
few things you can redefine all openGL. (and i think it will be 
better readable and workable than mixing GL_*_WINE and GL_*)
And if you do that (no more official gl.h include) you shouldn't 
have anymore problem that you have used some GL_* only defined in 
you official gl.h but not openGL1.2 compliant

>So even if the headers are ugly, I do not see how it could break 

Yes, you are right,
but i prefer code readable :)

>> i think you'll have many breakage :)
>Well, if I do the following, I wonder how I could have breakages 
>:-) :
>#define GL_COMBINE_RGB_WINE            0x8571
>I.e. I do not plan to use ANY pre-defined values from the header 
>but to define them all myself.
>So tell me where I could have breakage ?

so do it, i'll reuse it for d3d8 :)
but do it for official OpenGL1.2 defines too (as i have commented 

>> As you want,
>> But for me, I think building with GL1.4 (last ans most complete) 
>> headers and detecting/activing caps on runtime it's a more proper 
>> solution (no more #ifdef/#define in code, only in d3dcore_gl.h 
>> definitions).
>I cannot see how you can do this without shipping all the GL / 
>GLX 1.4 headers with Wine itself.

As we used only a few parts of OpenGL1.4/GLX1.3 (and you a smaller 
one) we can only define in a "small" header what we need for what 
we used (i find it the more proper solution)

First, i have thought that shipping official openGL headers into wine was the better solution (for opengl dll and d3d*). But as they should be installed into <wineinstalldir>/include/wine now i think its better to only have a small header only for compilation.

>If you plan to redefine stuff, this is exactly what I planned to 
>do and you told that it would introduce breakage :-)

well, i don't want to use the user installed gl.h (it can introduce breakage with "beautifuls" old specific headers), and i don't want to have all opengl headers into wine tree (wine don't need to install it adn we don't need all defines).

>         Lionel


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