wIntegrate vs Wine

Emmanuel Goldstein cartel at
Thu Jun 12 03:52:34 CDT 2003

Hi All,

I'm trying to run an application called wIntegrate under Linux. wIntegrate is 
basically a terminal emulator that translates traffic to/from a Telnet-like 
server into a Windows-like app, with dialog boxes and such.

wIntegrate appears to use an internal, custom implementation of Winsock. That 
is, I cannot see it link winsock when i do -debugmsg +dll. The application 
starts up correctly but when I attempt to open a connection, i get a message 
("connecting to xxx") and nothing more. netstat reveals the connection has 
been made (by wine) on wIntegrates behalf. i think that what is happening is 
that wIntegrate is somehow not being told that the connection has been 
initialised successfully.

-debugmsg +winsock yeilds a little information, but not much. i tried a 
-debugmsg +all, but that filled up my hard disc and caused X to crash. What 
can I do to help further determine the problem?

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