Debuging Wine

Jarmo jarmonik at
Fri Jun 13 02:33:27 CDT 2003


I am trackin a weard bug and I would need a help a little.
I am trying to run Orbiter in winex. Orbiter runs without problems in windows.
It seems that Orbiter.exe is using a call that does not exist in wine.

How can I find out the name of that call ?

access to call 0x406cd420 Main_Direct3DDevice_SetTexture works fine just 
before this call.

Code causing the crash:

0x004513c0  movl        %eax,0x4c(%esp)
0x004513c4   call        *0x84(%eax)    this will lead 0xdead001e

Relocation entries:

0x406cd010 is address of Main_Direct3DDevice_DrawIndexedPrimitiveVB
0x406cd3a0 is address of Main_Direct3DDevice_GetTexture

0x406f0910 (DDRAW.DLL):  406cd2f0     406ccae0      406ccc70 406cce60
0x406f0920 (DDRAW.DLL):  406cd010 *! dead001e !*   406cd3a0 406cd420
0x406f0930 (DDRAW.DLL):  406cd530    406cd5f0      406cd700 406cd760

Relocation entries:

0003d91c R_386_32          Main_Direct3DDevice_DrawPrimitiveVB
0003d920 R_386_32          Main_Direct3DDevice_DrawIndexedPrimitiveVB
0003d924                           ? ? ? ?
0003d928 R_386_32          Main_Direct3DDevice_GetTexture
0003d92c R_386_32          Main_Direct3DDevice_SetTexture


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