Mike Hearn mike at
Sat Jun 14 13:51:08 CDT 2003

Can anybody enlighten me as to what this is supposed to do? It appears
to be undocumented, or at least if it's on MSDN it's not where it should
be and Google/MSDN Search can't find it.

In particular, if you run RhymBox with native oleaut32,rpcrt4 but
builtin ole32, shortly after calling this function it appears to crash.
If I remove the Release() call, it no longer crashes but seems to freeze
the chat window.

Looking at the source, all it seems to do is store the passed IUnknown
in a global var, with a note that it should be thread local. That
doesn't seem to be a very useful function to have, so it must do more
than that. Anybody?

I think I'm going to try and make it thread local....

thanks -mike

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