igowin graphical glitches

Mark Dufour m.dufour at student.tudelft.nl
Tue Jun 17 20:39:40 CDT 2003


I'm trying to locate the source of some graphical glitches in Igowin, a nice 
9x9 Go program (download: http://www.smart-games.com/igo.html, screenshot 
with glitches attached,) but since someone here might know directly what the 
problem is, I'd better ask here first.. (to be honest, I already tried to 
find out and miserably failed :-))

Problem 1: Go stones should be round, not square. The program uses the 
following functions to draw a stone:

trace:bitblt:BitBlt hdcSrc=0x840 0,0 24 bpp->hdcDest=0x834 76,83 37x37x24 
trace:bitblt:BitBlt hdcSrc=0x844 0,0 24 bpp->hdcDest=0x834 76,83 37x37x24 

So, first it wants to create a black hole in the board (0x8800c6 = SCRAND,) 
using a mask at 0x840 and then fit a stone at 0x844 in the hole (0xee0086 = 
SRCPAINT (OR)). I disabled the second operation, but this gave me a round 
hole, not a square one.. forcing a SRCCOPY on the first one also gives a 
square hole, so maybe something goes wrong with creating the mask image.. but 
as I'm not really sure about this, does anyone here have an idea where the 
problem might be?

Problem 2: Shadows shouldn't have funky colors. As far as I can see, one 
SRCPAINT is used for drawing a shadow: 

trace:bitblt:BitBlt hdcSrc=0x83c 83,90 24 bpp->hdcDest=0x834 83,90 30x30x24 

I haven't thought about this yet, as this didn't get me very far on problem 
1.. :-)

oh, I use Gentoo and Wine CVS.

thanks for any help! 
Mark Dufour.
This is why Python is often called "executable pseudocode." - Bruce Eckel
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