Wintab: beginning to investigate Aric's patch from April.

Robert North 7ownq0k402 at
Wed Jun 18 11:53:09 CDT 2003

Aric Stewart |Wine Mailing Lists| wrote:
> Hi Robert,
>  No problem with the timing.
>> The first thing I'm seeing is a crash in the WTInfo() wintab call with
>> Painter 5. Will look into this further, and attempt to fix.
>> Aric: Ever had this? I'll investigate further before posting up
>> any significant details, as I suspect the fix is trivial.
> This is new to me. i believe the version of painter i tested against was 
> painter 7. So i am not sure what Painter 5 does. Generally I have a 
> tendency to overload the TRACE channel when i develop. so maybe a good 
> +wintab32 log will help.

I think actually it's my X config that's breaking the system.
I'm in the middle of debugging it now.
I haven't tried Photoshop with the patch, but I suspect it will
fail too.

>> I haven't looked any further into Aric's other problems with Painter, 
>> as this WTInfo() error prevents Painter from even starting!
> I have a number of exe files i downloaded from the wacom developers site 
> that test tablets in various ways. do you want me to send them to you?

I've probably got them already....
Tell me the file names first,
and send me any I don't recognise.

>> More importantly, I'd like to know why it didn't make it into the CVS?
>> Did the patch slip behind the filing cabinet (as they do ;-)?
>> Or was there a more substantive reason to reject the patch?
>> I think Mike Hearn mentioned something about it's size (v. large)?
>> Aric, Alexandre: do you want me to want me to re-subimt the patch,
>> once I've got WTInfo() working?
> I think we where waiting on you. :) I did not formally commit it to 
> wine-patches because i wanted to get your input first.

Fair enough.

I would like input from other developers, as I can't comment on Wine
style/policy issues, being somewhat of a newbie to the project.
In particular I think the x11drv developers might want to comment.
Of course, maybe this has already been done 70-90% by internal
Codeweaver reviews.

> If you are planing to expand on my patch, then i would say Alexandre 
> should could commit my patch then you work from there. Whatever is 
> easiest for you.
>> I've also noticed that it doesn't update Wine's autoconf file to
>> look for the XInput X extension, as is done to support other dlls that
>> use X extensions. I assume this should be added.
> actually i worked to make all the XInput stuff loaded dynamically to 
> handle systems where XInput may not be present. I am not sure what would 
> be required for building. If that is a step that is necessary and i 
> missed please do.

It's a build time check.
You've already got the run-time check for the library.

I think it's just checking exists, and that the XI.h XInput.h
files exist. Then in the X11drv/wintab.c, make compile conditional on 
the existance of headers & library. (Just a rough sketch, names are 
likely wrong)

>> Just to touch base with Aric: Has anyone done any more work in Code 
>> Weavers on this?
> Nope, you have the latest and greatest i believe. I know i did some work 
> to try to fix painter but I did not succeed and actually fixing anything 
> so i did not save that additional work. (it was mostly just guessing an 
> various structure initialization) If after the winecvs commit i find 
> anything divergent i will send that do you.
> -aric

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