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Francois Gouget fgouget at free.fr
Wed Jun 18 18:15:34 CDT 2003

On Wed, 18 Jun 2003, Brian Vincent (C) wrote:

> Hm.. spelling fixes in WWN.  Not sure I like that idea.
> A lot of these are spelling fixes in quoted remarks.  I have
> a long standing policy of not editing spelling mistakes.

I can understand that but there are issues with not spell checking
quoted remarks.
 * it's hard to spell check the regular WWN text without also
spellchecking the quoted remarks. It's much easier to spellcheck
 * if we don't spell check the WWN then each time the web site is spell
checked we (I) will get lots of false positives.
 * WWN is one of the nicest and most important part of WineHQ and is
read by many people. It would be a shame if it was also the only one
with tons of typos that relect badly on the project.
 * also I'm not really spell checking. I'm just checking for the
most obvious and the most frequent typos.

Some my position is that nobody wants their remarks to be full of typos
and fixing these obvious typos uniformly accross the web site is simpler
and makes it nicer to read.

For reference, here's the script I use. Note that it is generic and
works just as well on a web site (I've used it on other web sites, not
just WineHQ) and on the Wine source (and other project's sources such as
the Linux kernel source for instance ;-). I'm even starting to think
that their could be room for such a utility somewhere due to the very
low false positive rate (especially compared to a true spell checker
that I would expect to choke on mtrr, WWN, win32, etc.).

--- cut here ---

    find "$dir" -follow -name CVS -prune -o -name linklint -prune -o \( ! -name '*~' -a ! -name '.#*' -a ! -name '*.diff' -a ! -name '*.gif' -a ! -name '*.jpg' -a ! -name '*.o' -a ! -name '*.png' -a ! -name '*.so' \) -type f -print0 | xargs -0 grep "$@"

if [ "$1" != "" ]

mygrep "$dir" "$@" -E -i "(icaly|necces|necesar|(less|more) then|procces|reciev)"
mygrep "$dir" "$@" -E -i -w "(acc?eptible|adress?|appartments?|arithmatic|automaticly|careful[ly]|cateogor(y|ies)|comands?|(in|un)?compatab(le|ility|ilities)|(dis)?continous(ly)?|debug(ing|ed|er)|effecien(t|cy)|existan(t|ce)|extentions?|grammer|happends?|(un)?marshal(ed|ing)|oportunit(y|ies)|paramaters?|privi?lages?|seperat(e(d|s)?|ing|ions?|ors?)|somewere|subscribtions?|succesful(ly)?|sucess?ful(ly)?|thier|wierd|(over|re)?writen)"
--- cut here ---

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