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Tom twickline at skybest.com
Tue Jun 24 03:29:30 CDT 2003

Brian Vincent C wrote:

>PS.  Anyone notice the interviews on WWN?  
Yes..... I have read all of them :)

>Anyone have any
>comments or suggestions for improving them?  Any particular
>people I need to interview that I'm forgetting? 
Dmitry, Greg, Aric, Gav, Francois, Lionel, Jukka, J Newman,
Vincent, Shachar, Jason, Rahpeal, Nog, Rok, Huw,
ME !!! and some im sure that memory has missed
but never forgot.............

> (I do have
>some in various stages of preparation, and a list of people
>I need to include.)  I'll save Alexandre for last.
Yea.......... last so you can put the real pressure on him :))


>Brian Vincent
>Copper Mountain Telecom
>vincentb at coppercolorado.com

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