Im back.. sorta..... ;)

Z_God zeldario at
Mon Jun 23 17:00:36 CDT 2003

Hmm, I'm currently working in Bugzilla too, see your thread about Missing 
Bugzilla Descriptions for more info. I've currently restored most bugs till 
1050 doing about 50 per day. If we work together on this, most bugs should be 
restored in only a couple of days.
Also if you are a developer, I think it would be usefull to have a Windows 
version of Wine. I'm not a developer myself though, but I see the following 
advantages of this:
1. Allow WinNT 4.0 to run games made for newer versions of DirectX.
2. WinMX needs IE to be installed to be able to run in Windows. In Wine it 
doesn't. It would be cool to be able to also resolve dependencies on Windows 
using Wine. (IE has many security problems for example, so it is usefull to 
have an alternative.)
3. A good test for certain/individual components of Wine.

Op maandag 23 juni 2003 03:29, schreef Dustin Navea:
> Hey guys, I'm back..  sorta as the subject says.  I have pretty much daily
> access to a computer, but unfortunately I cannot install linux on it (mom's
> computer and it is a loaner from her office).  So I am back on the net and
> resubscribed to the list, just cant help in actual wine debugging (although
> i can always find out behaviors in windows)..
> Actually I was thinking of volunteering to be a janitor for Bugzilla..  I
> see a lot of frivolous bugs and out of date bugs on there and since I sweep
> it almost daily, I may as well be listed as the maintainer/janitor.. ;)

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