Im back.. sorta..... ;)

Dustin Navea speeddymon at
Sun Jun 22 20:29:15 CDT 2003

Hey guys, I'm back..  sorta as the subject says.  I have pretty much daily
access to a computer, but unfortunately I cannot install linux on it (mom's
computer and it is a loaner from her office).  So I am back on the net and
resubscribed to the list, just cant help in actual wine debugging (although i
can always find out behaviors in windows)..

Actually I was thinking of volunteering to be a janitor for Bugzilla..  I see
a lot of frivolous bugs and out of date bugs on there and since I sweep it
almost daily, I may as well be listed as the maintainer/janitor.. ;)

Whaddya say, all in favor say I... ;)


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