Localization to the Portuguese

Tom twickline at skybest.com
Tue Jun 24 06:04:47 CDT 2003

Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:

>"Tom" <twickline at skybest.com> wrote:
>>>>Note, that windows consider Brasilian portugese to be the 
>>>>default sublang for all portugese:s (which seems to me a bit ackward, 
>>>>but South America is likely closer to Redmond than Lusitania...)
>>>Same for US English vs. UK English. I was always wondering, why
>>>American guys so much ignore their roots? :-)
>>Well there was a little war back in 1776 ..
>>And we are all back wood 's hicks here and don't
>>speak the Queens english..
>>Just visit the appellations some time and you will
>>soon see that we dont speak english in the first place. :)
>>Well people from the north cant understand us and
>>we are most happy for this :))
>>All in good humor........................
>Well, although it meant to be a bit of humor I just can't resist
>to make some comments.
>Your mention about the war looks kind of ridiculous. It was 1776, right?
>But we, here in Russia, too well remember 1941, 22 June, which is a bit
>closer to nowadays. I haven't seen both my grandfathers, which were killed
>under Moscow, we have lost more than 20 millions of people in that war.
>What now? That's a history. There are particular persons to blame and
>to praise. What people, and especially particular language have to do
>with all the things we are talking about?

Your granfather's  spoke russian correct ?
and the war in 1941 was was not a russian revolution ...... That would 
be 1917 the bolshevik revolution
if my poor memory severs me correct......
The point is you made a crack about americans not wanting to look at 
there british roots in the english
launauge. So I say you should not look at the bolshevik's in your 
launguage as any one knows not to
fight russia in the winter.... As you will soon freeze to death....... 
and you have railroads that our off gauge :)

You see Canadians our more british than americans .. They have the queen 
in there  national anthem/ on there money
and we don't and its for a good reason.... we actualy want to sing our 
national anthem  and our money is worth 40% more than therse :)
And if you think im being  a nationalist then your wrong.... As in 30 
years china will be the next world power.
Why is that you ask ??? Because there people will work for free and be 
happy as they run our industury into the ground !!!
If you don't believe me just turn over your favorite pot .. Made in 
China !!!!!!!!!!

To all the brits, kunnucks, Chinease on this list please over look me :) 
.........sleep deprivation.........


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