Mac OS X Support : Asm syntax support [Fixed]

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Mon Jun 30 13:50:09 CDT 2003

"Pierre d'Herbemont" <stegefin at> writes:

> Hum... If my memory is well I do use PPC_SYM in order to convert
> delay_imports to _delay_imports on darwin target. the assembler syntax
> requires it.

Yes, that's exactly what __ASM_NAME is supposed to do.

> If you want, but for me it seems that it is clearer this way. because
> you endup with things like:
> fprintf((output," \"li " PPC_REG(1) ", 0\\n\"\n");
> fprintf(outfile, "\t\"\\tlis " PC_REG(9)
> PPC_LOW(delay_imports+%d,9)\\n\"\n", pos);
> But in fact it is also readable. If you prefer this way I'll do what
> you like ;)

IMO it would be more readable with a separate function, and then
something like:

  fprintf( output, "li %s,0", ppc_reg(1) );

Alexandre Julliard
julliard at

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