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Mon Mar 3 10:59:40 CST 2003

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the feedback.

* Mike Hearn (m.hearn at signal.qinetiq.com) wrote:
> These are probably various unrelated bugs in Wine. I've also seen the
> hang when dragging Trillian, I think the reason is that in order to do
> non-opaque dragging wine locks the X server, and then if the mouse moves
> too fast it "releases" the drag and doesn't release X. It looks like the
> machine has locked, but killing wine releases everything.

Hm ... is there anyway to tweak the window dragging so this locking
isn't required? FWIW: I also occasionally saw window creation crash out,
eg. if trillian was lurking in the status bar (KDE integration is cool
for that, BTW :-) and a message came in, the chat window that gets
created would run a 50/50 chance at best.

> It might be better to try and fix wine, but if you're not feeling like
> some happy hacking...... :)

Well I'm not against doing so, but I don't know the wine internals at
all. As I wouldn't really recognise "normal" operation anyway, it seems
unlikely I'd have the faintest clue when I am observing "abnormal"
operation. If there's a wine hacker who wants to crunch some bugs and I
could provide some grunt-work, by all means please let me know. I hack
code reasonably well, it's just wine's architecture (and to some extent
win32 too) that throw up lots of question marks for me. For now, at
least ...

> > Unfortunately after installation, which went pretty well, the program
> > fails to start quite early on with this;
> > 
> > fixme:file:FindFirstChangeNotificationA this is not supported yet (non-trivial).
> This is almost certainly not the problem, unless this program has a
> _very_ unusual installation procedure. What that function does is allow
> the program to be notified by Windows when something changes on disk
> afaik, the equivalent on Linux is FAM or dnotify.

Um, as mentioned - installation went fine, that fixme is what happened
when I tried to launch the program after installation. It is the only
output I saw, after which wine gave up immediately. There was no
discernable GUI activity having taken place.

> Programs usually use it to give a more responsive GUI, ie if something
> on disk changes while it's showing you a directory you don't have to
> manually force a refresh.

Yeah I'd guessed as much, partly from the name of the missing function,
but especially given the "non-trivial" trailer (I can imagine such a
thing being tricky with support on unix systems varying a lot as well as
the complexity of working this into wineserver's state-machine).

> I'd suggest doing a relay trace and seeing what's really going on,
> installs can fail for a variety of reasons.

As mentioned, installation seemed OK. If you want to contact me off-list
with any other suggetions/details however I'd be happy to help in
whatever way I can to diagnose this.

> > (1) is the above something that I can work on and/or help anyone else
> > work on?
> For sure, it'd be nice to have but I don't know if it'd solve that
> problem.
> > (2) does anyone know of any other win32-based I-M client (supporting at
> > least ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, AIM) that is stable under wine?
> I'm working on getting RhymBox, a rather spiffy Jabber client, working
> under Wine (rhymbox.org) - at the moment though it doesn't even start :)

Ah, so trillian it is then ...

> You might simply be better off hacking on one of the linux IM clients to
> bring it up to scratch. For other Win32 clients, check the apps db

The linux IM clients I've tried (gaim, everybuddy, etc) seem flakey at
best. The original per-protocol clients seem ok (eg. yahoo's client) but
I don't want closed-source advertisement-ware nor do I want to have a
different program for each protocol (hell, I don't especially like
I-Ming anyway, but situations demand it). I have this sinking feeling
I'm going to end up running bochs which is a far more heavyweight
solution than I'd prefer.

Someone mentioned mICQ(.org) which I could certainly cope just fine
with, however it appears to be ICQ-only which would still put me back to
square one w.r.t. yahoo, MSN, etc.

In a subsequent post you said;
> FWIW it runs fine here on Wine CVS, though being at work I didn't
> actually try to connect.  Prefs window is b0rked like Trillians is,
> you can't switch tab pages. I suspect that's a bug in our treeview
> control.  Some debugging would be required to make it work really
> well.

I would be most interested to know how you got it to run! :-) My wine
installation is pretty much a straight;

# cvs co wine
# cd wine
# ./tools/wineinstall
(enter yes for installation, enter root password, enter yes for creating
~/.config, enter yes for wine-only install (no native MS)).
# cp <install-file>.exe ~/c/
# wine C:\\<install-file>.exe
# wine C:\\Program\ Files\\...

Thanks again for the feedback, I appreciate it. If you've got better
things to do than to continue with this then no sweat, just give me the
word - you'd know better than I whether this is a tree worth barking up.


Geoff Thorpe
geoff at geoffthorpe.net

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