Brian Vincent vinn at
Wed Mar 5 10:16:44 CST 2003

> Lately I've been finding myself refer people to the preview screenshots
> page hosted at, and was wondering when they'd be
> moved over to

Yeah, that server tends to suck.  Not sure what's been causing
them problems but "high availability" doesn't seem to be a 

My goal is to move them over when Jeremy completes changes to the
web site.  There's a lot of problems doing that before then, mostly
having to do with integrating nicely with Jeremy's stuff.  For

1) All the graphics need to be optimized - they're pretty bad right
now.  And if I have to do that then I might as well make sure they're
the right size.  (I picked a rather arbitrary size, that probably needs
to be adjusted.)

2) The list needs to be cut down.  I think it's about twice as large
as a it really needs to be.  

3) And of course the HTML (XML? PHP?) needs to be written for them.

None of those are things I want to do twice.


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