winedbg trouble

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Sat Mar 8 03:41:03 CST 2003

> I just did a cvs update and reinstall, but I still have
> problems.  Here's my test procedure:
>  cd ~/wine/programs/winedbg
>  write a hello, world program
>  cl /Zi hello.c
>  ./winedbg hello.exe
> This reproduces two problems, and now today shows a third.
> 1. curses is used.  I don't want winedbg, or any console program,
> to use curses, as it complicates simple things like logging output.
> (I seem to recall there's a way to switch this off now, but I
> couldn't see it in any doc or help messages.  What's the trick?)
> The immediate symptom is reverse video, but the annoyance runs
> far deeper.
running winedbg hello.exe shouldn't use curses. the issue here is that 
since your app is a CUI app, winedbg creates it in a separate console, 
and the two "consoles" (winedbg's fake one - as unix fd:s -, and the 
debuggee's one - as a curses wineconsole backend).
try removing as a quick hack the CREATE_NEW_CONSOLE flag in the 
CreateProcess call in programs/winedbg/winedbg.c around line 960, that 
should cure all your issues
(the two other items are related to this)

>> use winedbg -- --gdb if you really don't want wineconsole but do want 
>> proper terminal control
> I might try that, but am more tempted to revive the libreadline patch.
> Would it be possible to have, next to winedbg, a winedbg-readline?
> Then us curses-haters and libreadline-lovers could coexist
> happily with those who understand and like wineconsole :-)

I this the work around above should make your happier (even if you won't 
get all the line-editing facilities of readline)
IMO, we shouldn't add readline to winedbg... if we really want to add 
readline, it should be IMO as a generic feature of all CUI programs 
supported in Wine, and not on a per app basis

> BTW, I have no idea what wineconsole is or does, and posts like
> tend to confirm my hypothesis that wineconsole is a strange,
> evil beast.  It may be time for a good "What is Wineconsole
> and what does it do?" page in winehq (I looked, but couldn't find
> one).
yeah, I have this on my todo list to write down what's really going on 
with the consoles in Wine, the do:s and dont:s..., comparison between 
the three modes of consoles in wine (features, invocation...)


Eric Pouech

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