winedbg trouble

Dan Kegel dank at
Sat Mar 8 16:34:41 CST 2003

Eric Pouech wrote:
>> I just did a cvs update and reinstall, but I still have
>> problems.  Here's my test procedure:
>>  cd ~/wine/programs/winedbg
>>  write a hello, world program
>>  cl /Zi hello.c
>>  ./winedbg hello.exe
>> This reproduces two problems, and now today shows a third.
>> 1. curses ...
>> (I seem to recall there's a way to switch this off now, but I
>> couldn't see it in any doc or help messages.  What's the trick?)
>> The immediate symptom is reverse video, but the annoyance runs
>> far deeper.
> running winedbg hello.exe shouldn't use curses. the issue here is that 
> since your app is a CUI app, winedbg creates it in a separate console, 
> and the two "consoles" (winedbg's fake one - as unix fd:s -, and the 
> debuggee's one - as a curses wineconsole backend).
> try removing as a quick hack the CREATE_NEW_CONSOLE flag in the 
> CreateProcess call in programs/winedbg/winedbg.c around line 960, that 
> should cure all your issues
> (the two other items are related to this)

OK.  I'm going offline for a while, but will try this when I get back.
BTW I may not have picked up all your patches with my cvs update, who knows.

FWIW, one other problem: backspace wasn't working well.  This is
a longstanding problem with winedbg whenever it was in reverse
video (so probably when curses kicked in).

Thanks for the info!
- Dan

Dan Kegel

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