pthreads and mono

Mike Hearn mike at
Mon Mar 10 15:09:12 CST 2003

> No, it won't make much difference. We are currently providing pthreads
> wrappers in Wine, and we'll need to do basically the same thing for
> NPTL. So if the current wrappers don't work for Mono the new ones
> probably won't do much better; we need to find a proper fix for that
> problem regardless of the underlying thread implementation.

But what is the fix? IIRC the basic problem was the Wine internal
pthreads implementation conflicting with the one linked in via libmono
and libgc, something like that. 

Is this the "ELF symbols have global scope" problem come to bite us on
the ass yet again, or does it go deeper than that?

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