Kristoffer Ericson kristoffer_e1 at
Mon Mar 10 17:48:09 CST 2003


Can Finally confirm the patches sent in by lionell in feb.

Dinput now works fine, and Tribes no longer crashes when a key is pressed. 
Maybe this will solve alot of other games also.

Opengl seems to be harder though. The reason why i took so long to post this 
is that i've been trying to exclude any problems on my computer. From what i 
know nvidia people should be just fine, got a friend and his tribes works 
100% no prob. I will also confirm this when finishing my gentoo install on 
my machine (aprox 15hours left).

3dfx users on the other hand, first i had problems getting opengl detected 
and now i got it working but tribes crashes when i try to change to 
fullscreen (which is only mode with opengl).

"err:opengl:X11DRV_describepixelformat Wrong Pixel Format!"
"fixme:system:ChangeDisplaySettingsA ((nil,0x00000), stub"
"fixme:system:ChangeDisplaySettingsA devmode=null (return to default mode)"
"fixme:winmm:MMDRV_exit closing while 11-driver open"

I'm trying to start tribes in mode 1024x768 (which is my desktop size).

I'm running Gentoo:
AMD Duron 750Mhz
Voodoo3 with working opengl
Gentoo Linux
FluxBox wm

Any ideas?

btw, want to take this chance to THANK lionell for his work on getting 
Tribes to work in WINE. I'm trying to spread the news to all my tribing 
friends that there's no reason to stay on windows now. I owe you a 

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