Anyone working on ListView?

Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at
Tue Mar 11 00:41:12 CST 2003

Monday, March 10, 2003, 9:46:27 PM, you wrote:

> On March 10, 2003 11:42 am, Vitaliy Margolen wrote:
>> My question is: if I'll start hacking ListView will I be interfering with
>> someone else's work?

> I did a lot of work on the listview recently, but due to new job 
> responsibilities, it's on the backburner ATM. So if you want to
> work on it, you're welcome! Feel free to ask questions, I'll try
> to help. BTW, what features does ACDSee need from the listview
> that are not implemented?

Well, in few words: ListView is badly broken. Here is a list of thing which doesn't
work at all, badly broken or missing:
1. Vertical Scroll boundaries are not set properly in Icon and SmallIcon modes. I
   hacked this one but it's not correct - still missing about 10-20 pixels. Not sure why.
2. ACDSee's Big Icons mode doesn't show anything at all. Not sure what the problem
   here. It looks like it is possible to select something with keyboard. But still
   nothing on on the screen.
3. ToolTips not implemented. Not that it's so important. But ACDSee using them for
   additional info about images.
4. Keyboard navigation in Icon mode is broken. Only right key sorta works.
5. Resizing window does not rearrange icons. Only doing "refresh - F5" rearranges
   icons in the proper fashion.
6. Biggest mystery to me - some items missing image names. This happens in all modes.
   ACDSee is using callbacks for text/images. So I'm not sure where the problem is.
   There are some activity going on with all file names according to trace:string.
   But GetDispInfo returns blanks. Although thumbnails and preview are displayed
7. In Icon & SmallIcon mouse wheel is reversed.

Basically (1)&(6) are major show stoppers. (4)&(5) needs to be there to make it

There is two more mysteries in ACDSee - TreeView. It's entries are not sorted! But
they are under Win. And those folders that don't have names in ListView shown
properly in TreeView.

Vitaliy Margolen

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