Mutual Debugging Efforts

James at
Wed Mar 12 11:41:58 CST 2003

On Wed, 2003-03-12 at 17:28, Mike Hearn wrote:

> Hi, that version is over half a year old. Compiling from source is a bit
> harder than using RPMs, but not much. If you can keep up with CVS then
> upgrading is pretty easy as well.

Yes, I was wondering about this. RH are often quite good at new
releases, but perhaps only for security issues or bugs they consider
more serious in non-development systems and hence they've not even tried
to deliver a newer RPM for Wine. Oh well, I might have to try biting the
bullet. Very badly pressed for time at present though :(

> For app specific stuff, the is probably a good place.

Sure, I'll use that - I'd poked around already, but wasn't sure if it
wanted lots of my comments adding - plus, some of my queries are for
several app's as they relate to shared components.

btw, I have noticed that my ~/.wine/config gets rewritten sometimes,
losing my PATH setting. Am I mad, or is this something you know to be
intentional (without effort or research).

> You may find your tips are obsolete :)


Best regards,

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